If you're not at the table when decisions are made,
then you're on the menu.


A Way to Advocate with Decision Makers

Why do we have a Political Action Committee? It allows us to speak directly to the elected officials who most affect our working conditions as Greensboro Firefighters. As a PAC limited to State and Local elections, we've decided to focus on where the rubber meets the road by support those who support us.

Get Involved

Throughout the year opportunities arise for members to speak directly with State and Local officials on behalf of our causes or work during elections to support candidates whom the PAC has identified as being supportive of our interests. Want to help? Sign up here to get involved.

Support the Cause

Elections cost money. There is no way around it. To help those who want to help us Firefighters for Responsible Government collects donations and sells items to raise money prior to election cycles. Make a donation or buy swag here to support our single most effective method to advocate.