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Twenty-four recruits begin their first steps in a career as a firefighter with the Greensboro Fire Department on Monday, January 4. To be accepted into this recruit class, the candidates underwent a rigorous pre-hire process that included fitness and aptitude testing, thorough background check, drug test, oral interview and medical screening. The 68th Recruit Class consists of 21 men and three women, and is a varied mixed of military veterans, college graduates and second generation firefighters. Minorities constitute 42 percent of the academy, with 22 recruits (92 percent) coming from North Carolina. Upon completion of the 26-week academy and successful completion of NC State Firefighter Certification, the recruits will become sworn probationary firefighters. Graduation is scheduled for June 23, 2016. The probationary firefighters will then be assigned to various fire stations in the city. After six months, they will return to the recruit academy to undergo academic and practical testing to determine if they will remain with the City as firefighters. via IFTTT